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SC2 Profile for LotV in development

At the moment I’m testing the new version of SC2 Profile
It is a complete rewrite in Swift, using the API
The user interface will be up to date with the newest versions of IOS
Also, the biggest difficulties for adding profiles will be solved by integration with
As soon as the testing is complete, the new version will be submitted to the App Store!

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SC2 Profile for Heart of the Swarm!

Soon after the Heart of the Swarm release, the SC2 Profile app has been updated for the new content!

Go download it now, and tell your friends!

I will keep updating the app, and keep it free of charge and free of commercials

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iPad support for SC2 Profile in version 1.4!

After a while of no updates, I added two features to the SC2 Profile app.


This brings a whole new way of browsing through the profiles of the players you track.

Besides this, the most wanted feature to be able to see the multiplayer ladder rankings is also implemented. This should make the application much nicer to use for the teamplayers out there.

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Version 1.2.1 released for SC2 Profile

Version 1.2.1 is a minor fix that adds the logo for the Master league

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Version 1.2 of the Starcraft 2 Profile Viewer is on the way…

The main new feature of the 1.2 release is that it enables you to view all your league positions in the league tab.

Besides this, there are some small tweaks and fixes. Special thanks to the users that gave me feedback!

New features are:

  • Now shows all your league positions
  • Total achievement points added to main page
  • Add character button on profile screen
  • Updated icons from Blizzcon portrait
  • Fixes 2 crashes
  • Targets 4.1.0 OS

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SC2 Profile 1.1 is on the App Store now!

Today version 1.1.0 has released on the App Store. It is now possible to browse through achievements, and the URL check for the profile has been improved. The main profile page now shows stats and win percentages. In the character screen you can arrang the sequence to put your favorites on top.

I feel this update makes the application much richer than 1.0. Let me know what you think!

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Working on SC2 Profile version 1.1

After the initial release of the SC2 Profile viewer, I have incorporated some of the user feedback in to version 1.1 of the application. This version has now been submitted to apple, to be reviewed for the App store.

New features are:

  • Browse through all achievementsĀ 
  • Showing more profile statisticsĀ 
  • Rearrange characters
  • Activity indicator when loading
  • More tolerant on character url input

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It’s about time! SC2 Profile viewer launched!

Today is a great day, my Starcraft 2 Profile Viewer for the iPhone is accepted on the App Store!

First shot right on target :-)

Check it outĀ on iTunes!

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Starcraft 2 Profile Viewer sent for approval!

Ok ppl, here it goes…. My first submission EVER to the appstore is sent out. I’m soooo excited…

It was quite a struggle to fill out the forms and get the certificates right bla bla bla, but it’s out of my hands now. Wondering how long it will take until I hear from Apple, and how quick I’ll get it through. Curious if it will be rejected or if it will be accepted at the first go.

Well, only one way to find out! And then for the community feedback – how will the app be received? This is sooo cooool!!!

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Adding SC2 Profile content to the Blog

So today is the day to add the support pages for the SC2 Profile application to this site. It’s going to be an app that allows you to keep track of your Starcraft 2 profile on your iPhone, very cool!

This is going to be the first app I submit to the appstore. I’m pretty exited now it is getting closer and closer. I’m testing the app itself now, getting in some fixes so it also works for Korean profiles etc. Now it’s a matter of pushing through and getting the app ready for submission!

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