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Adding a Starcraft 2 profile in LotV

This article explains different ways to add a character profile in the LotV version of SC2 Profile

If you are playing ranked, the easiest way to get this done is entering your by player name. This method only works if you have been ranked recently, and if your player name is unique enough. You’ll never be able to find yourself if you have a barcode name for example. The search service is provided by

The alternative way is to copy & paste your URL in the search bar. This method should always work, but takes a few more steps to pull off. One way to do it is to log on to in Safari, then copy the url, and paste it into the app.

If you need help, you can send a mail through the app

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Adding a Starcraft 2 profile to the application preferences

This post explains how to add a Starcraft 2 profile to the SC2 Profile application.

In order for the application to be able to access your Starcraft 2 profile on, it needs to know your username, language, region and account code. This is achieved by entering the URL that belongs to your profile.

You insert this information in the following way:

View Profile on

View Profile on

Step 1 – Navigate to your profile on on your iPhone

This is the hardest step to perform on your iPhone if you don’t know how to reach the URL of your Starcraft 2 profile, especially if you are using an authenticator to keep your account safe.

The goal is to end up at a page like

There are multiple ways of getting there. One way is to log on to in the browser, and then click on your name. This should take you to your profile page. Similarly, you can get to a profile by following a link on one of the forums. Another way to get to your profile is to search your profile on a site like, figure out your account code and then guess the URL and test it. An alternative is to log on to on your desktop with your authenticator, and then type the URL in safari on your iPhone directly.

You should really use Safari to test if the URL is valid before adding it to the SC2 Profile application.

To keep your Blizzard account safe and make sure your password and authenticator code are kept private, you will never be asked to enter these inside the SC2 Profile application. That’s why you have to use Safari to find your profile page.

Once you see your Starcraft 2 profile in Safari, you have made it through the first step!

Copy URL

Copy URL

Step 2 – Copy the full URL of your profile to the clipboard on your iPhone.

Copying the URL from Safari to the clipboard is easy when you know how to do it.

  • Select the navigation URL (you will see a keyboard to type)
  • Hold your finger on the URL until a magnifying glass appears
  • Choose Select All (you will see the full URL as a selected text now)
  • Choose Copy

This should put the whole URL on to your clipboard.

Step 3 – Start the SC2 Profile application and go to the Add Character screen.

When you open the SC2 Profile application for the first time, it will show the Add Character screen as your first screen.

It automatically gets the URL from the clipboard, and adds the character to your favorites list. This is successful when you see the character name on the Add Character page. When you see the name of your profile, you are done. You can add more character profiles by leaving the application and inserting another character profile URL to the clipboard.

When the application does not pick up your URL from the clipboard, it probably does not recognice the string as a valid profile URL. Go back to step 1, and make sure that you put the entire URL to the clipboard. You can test your URL by pasting it to the browser navigation line. An example is:

When you have moved away from the Add Character screen or want to add another character later, go to the Character tab, and click the Edit button. Select “Add new Characters” and repeat the previous steps.

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